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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We'll Get There Eventually

We made it to our new and permanent home at long last. We are at the edge of Casper and live in a beautiful house by the river now including 26 chickens all of which are named A-Z, 2 geese named Pip and Bib,1 horse Dakotah insists on changing the name from Cocoa saying it's too original, 1 black malti-poo named Button Punkin Price, 5 lizards known as critters, 1 mouse named Alfalfa, and 1 turkey-terrorizing cat called Gumdrop and known as Pretty-Kitty. Those are currently all of our officail pets but of course living in Wyoming we are hosting more than 21 turkeys total with too-many-to-count deer and 6 fawns,of course this isn't including the skunk and roacoons running around.
The girls are starting scool again and Dakotah is a Freshman starting Seminary while Sienna is in 2nd grade and CheyAnn is in 3rd. Mom and dad are still working as hard as ever while dealing with the new 7-acres of Alfalfa and their jobs but thankfully we're managing.
As for us though, like every family, we have struggles and trials but hey what's life for I suppose. It's times like this when both parents work fulltime jobs, the little girls are old enugh to have an attitude, and the responsibilities of cleaning, babysitting, homework, animals, and other school related activities come upon your already overloaded shoulders that you remember theres stillsomeone to talk to who went through as much stress and pain as we are. If I didn't have the gospel in my life I know that I probbly wouldn't be writing on a family blog right now.