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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Update on the fam Nov 2010

We are settled in Wyoming, back home. We miss those places we've been and our friends. You are ALL welcome to stop by and stay awhile anytime. Clay generally has a couple of hunting buddies out each year. The more the merrier. We hope to get a little cabin at the top of our 40 acre parcel that overlooks the place and has a view of the mountain. It would be a good place for friends or family to stop by for a visit. Our place one the Platte River is quite unique we've discovered. Majority of people know about it. I guess it stands out because the home is the remodeled Powder River Train Depot. It also houses a small horse boarding business, we hope to expand. We are still moving in which is slow with both of us having more than full time jobs. I at the cardiology practice in town and clay at the old BP Oil refinery now turned golf course still under reclammation. Needless to say all are welcome to stop in, we could use the help!! Ha Ha. We now have a horse whose carrying, part Morgan and something else. We also have chickens and 2 geese to add to our wild deer, ducks, rabbits, and turkeys. It sure is fun but of course, work. We have a barn and put hay up in the loft off our 8 acres of alfalfa. Hope you all can stop by and enjoy it with us. We'd love to share! I hope to get a pumpkin patch/garden, home-made ice skating rink, and expand the horse boarding. All in due time. Talk to you hopefully again next month

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  1. Miss you guys SO much wish winter didn't mean bad roads! Hopefully we can get down to see you.